Courtney is an international businesswoman who focuses on building supportive communities, amplifying the voices of artists and activists across the globe, lending expertise and resources to independent businesses both here and abroad, and has provided an example for working-class women looking to make an impact in both corporate and political spaces. She’s from a family of both Republicans and Democrats. She’s running for Congress because the threats to our democracy and our communities have only increased. Courtney is running to empower Americans to fight for a democracy that truly represents the desires and needs of working families.

My Story

A Leader Formed by Community

For the past decade, Oregon has been my beloved home. I made the decision to move here from California with my teenage son, and ever since then, we've called the the Pacific North West home.

My love for the beautiful Pacific North West has only deepened with each passing year, rich in culture, natural wonders, and welcoming communities that make Oregon truly unique. I am very grateful to have the privilege of calling this place my home and continuing my journey by contributing to this vibrant State while fighting for the American people who live within.

As a fiercely independent single mother who has had to navigate the adversities of life, I understand firsthand the struggles that American families face on a daily basis. From financial hardship, rising costs of living, the struggle to put food on the table, and ever-increasing challenges of finding safe and secure housing, it can feel like we are constantly fighting an uphill battle. But through it all, I remain resolute in my determination to provide solutions in these uncertain times. I know that with hard work, perseverance, and a steadfast commitment to our values and principles, we can overcome these challenges TOGETHER and build a brighter future for ourselves and future generations.

TOGETHER, with a shared vision and a collaborative spirit, we can work towards a brighter and more prosperous future for all.

Help Courtney create this vision.