Why I'm Running

Looking at the national landscape, I grew up with leaders who didn't look like me, or share my story. I didn't see congressmen who sought the support of social services, or senators who fought tirelessly to start their own businesses while keeping the lights on at home.

My backstory presents an incredible testament to the power of resilience and grit. Having fought through countless obstacles and difficulties that so many working-class people endure, my life experience has only served to reinforce my commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Despite any setbacks, I, like so many Americans, have emerged stronger and more compassionate than ever, with an unwavering commitment to ensure that everyone has a seat at the table.

But I didn't do any of this alone. Through my political work, my community advocacy, my humanitarian efforts, my wins were not mine alone. It was the people that surrounded me, the supportive services that paved a pathway to success, and the guidance of mentors and community leaders with the wisdom to share, that allowed me to change lives.

Throughout my professional and personal life, my passion has been focused on community building, promoting independent business owners, creating job opportunities, and supporting humanitarian efforts within the Middle East and here at home.

I strongly believe that as leaders, it is our responsibility to lend support and protection to our education systems, military veterans, healthcare workers, and unions, while ensuring the safety of our communities.

By nurturing and sustaining these critical pillars of society, by joining TOGETHER, we can build a stronger, more vibrant, and equitable America that benefits everyone.

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